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INF LIFE Platform Meeting

The aim of INF LIFE PLATFORM MEETING “Raising awareness on Natura 2000”, which was held on 13-14th October in Krakow, was to bring together beneficiaries of INF LIFE programme from across Europe to share the experience of completed and ongoing LIFE projects and discuss some of the key issues regarding implementation of UE legislation, nature conservation and sustainable development in Natura 2000 areas in different parts of Europe, effective mechanisms of transferring knowledge about the Natura 2000 network and changing the attitude of local communities to the network.  

The meeting attended by representatives of the European Commission, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, the Ministry of Environment, the General Directorate for Environmental Protection, the General Directorate of State Forests, the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Krakow and representatives of 13 INF LIFE projects from Romania, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, UK, Belgium, Slovenia and Poland was organized by the Astrale and the Foundation for Support of Ecological Initiatives.

List of projects participating in the INF LIFE PLATFORM MEETING

1.    AQUAVIVA LIFE10 INF/SI/000135
2.    INFONATUR 2000 LIFE11 INF/ES/000683
3.    Natura 2000: Connecting people with biodiversity LIFE11 INF/ES/000665
4.    Safe Haven for Wildbirds LIFE11 INF/IT/000253
5.    LIFE Natura 2000 Value Crete LIFE13 INF/GR/000188
6.    Bio4Life LIFE11 INF/CY/000863
7.    Saving Danube Sturgeons LIFE11 INF/AT/000902
8.    EME Natura 2000 LIFE11 INF/RO/000819
9.    EU LIFE+ Farmland Bird Project LIFE08 INF/UK/000214
10.  Futurescapes LIFE10 INF/UK/000189
11.  AlterIAS LIFE08 INF/B/000052
12.  Roads for Nature LIFE11 INF/PL/000467
13.  NATURA mission LIFE11 INF/PL/000478

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