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A cycle of "Nature 2000 - Natural Capital" trainings on area Lubieszynek PLH220074 was held

A cycle of "Nature 2000 - Natural Capital" trainings on area Lubieszynek PLH220074 was held. There were six two-day modules of following topics:

Nature 2000 - positive inspiration;
Lubieszynek in the heart of Kashubia;
Renewable energy sources - why is it worth to use them?;
Fundraising on areas Nature 2000, how the local communities can benefit from the brand Nature 2000;
Local product - quality confirmed with Nature 2000 brand;
Lubieszynek - space for the man, space for the Nature.

These trainings, carried out as part of the project "Mission Nature" were directed to representatives of self-government authorities, non-governmental organizations, farmers, as well as other persons interested in the development of their region based on the potential of protected areas in Nowa Karczma and Liniewo communes.

Specialists from specific fields were invited so that every problem was discussed in best possible way. On the first meeting Katarzyna Śnigórska, specialist for Nature 2000, FWIE, discussed what Nature 2000 is as well as presented most important information about the plan of protective tasks (PZO). Aleksander Stępień from the "Miasto Moje A W Nim" Association talked about degradation of advantages of tourist towns by advertisement.

Kashubia was the subject of the second meeting. Elżbieta Pryczkowska, teacher of Kashubian language, taught participants writing and reading in a Kashubian, and journalist Eugeniusz Pryczkowski talked about symbols of Kashubia, social, cultural, educational, religious and political activity of Kashubians as well as about the Kashubian diaspora in the world.
At third meeting specialist for renewable energy sources, FWIE Bogdan Szymański with help from Dariusz Glazurka presented the new OZE statute as well as individual sources of the renewable energy.
The fourth meeting concerned getting funds. Anna Jędrzejewska fundraiser in Polish Society for the Mentally Handicapped/Disabled talked about tools in fundraising, the sponsoring and about the effectiveness of raising funds using the Nature 2000 mark. The second part concerning law regulations of compromises made while working on PZO and compensations was led by Bogumiła Błaszkowska, specialist for management of protected OTOP areas.

Fifth meeting conducted by Marek Romaniec from the Necklace of the Midnight Foundation was devoted to the local product. He talked about the presentation of the region through the local product and about the value of the local product. Subject of development potential of the farm tourism by using natural and cultural potential of the village, commune and region with particular reference to the Nature 2000 areas was presented by Krystyna Drąg. 

On the last, sixth day Professor Jacek Wolnicki from the Institute of Inland Fishing in Olsztyn told about appearing, threats and the conservation of swamp minnow in Poland. Aleksandra Wysocka from Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection talked about the plan of protective tasks in the Pomeranian province, and Katarzyna Cichosz, the head of department in the Development and the Promotion of District Office in Kościerzyna talked about the issues concerning the development strategy of the Kościerzyna district. Katarzyna Śnigórska FWIE talked about "conflictual" species - the crane, the raven and the beaver, and Ireneusz Mirkowski FWIE  sumed up the cycle of trainings.
Public mediation and the communication specialist Marzenna Nowakowskia FWIE was present at almost every meeting giving classes on how to talk to experts and clerks, how to behave in the conflictual situation and how to prepare to negotiations.


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