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Trainings "Natura 2000 – the Natural Capital" in the "Dolina Środkowego Bugu" Natura 2000 site


Soon, on 25th and 26th March 2014, in Włodawa, the first in a series of six trainings on the Natura 2000 network for the “Dolina Środkowego Bugu” site (PLB060003) will be held. The trainings are mainly addressed to the representatives of local authorities, NGOs, entrepreneurs and farmers, as well as other persons and entities interested in the development of their region on the base of the potential of protected areas of Natura 2000 network.

The training consists of six two-day meetings will be held on the following dates:
25-26.03.2014 - "Natura 2000 - a positive inspiration"
08-09.04.2014 - "Nature of the Dolina Środkowego Bugu site” / "Ecotourism – an opportunity for development of the region”
03-04.06.2014 – “Agritourism and local product - quality confirmed by brand of Natura 2000"
24-25.06.2014 - "Renewable energy sources - why should we use them?"
08-09.07.2014 - "Fundraising – you have a good idea, but how to achieve your goal?"
22-23.07.2014 - "Dolina Środkowego Bugu - a place for man, a place for Nature"

In order to obtain a certificate of participation in training is to participate in four meetings (participation in meetings the first and last is mandatory).
We invite you to participate, and to follow our website where you will soon obtain information about the trainings in other Natura 2000 areas in Poland.

The trainings are organized within the D2 action of the "Natura mission" project.


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